Friday, July 31, 2015

Here are a few things I think I will probably end up writing on an airplane.

--because I have now officially reached the moment when I'm probably not going to get much more done except pack, straighten, and leave:
  • Several proposals 
  • Scripts for a handful of instructional screencasts, to wit:: 
  • 'something about genre-mixing, mixed genre pieces';
  • 'something about genre that *undoes the regime of compliance,* that undoes the notion of genres as closed systems; working toward an open ecology of genre, with adaptability & invention & responsivity as the prized values' [NOTE TO SELF: I'm sure this will be super easy, especially on a plane.];  
  • 'Storytelling aspects of using sources? (the submerged and/or explicit narrative elements of all the genres, and how to address this in terms of composing)' [NOTE TO SELF: ...and the fact that this has been on my list for a year might be indicative of ...something.]
  • a poem for convocation (!)
  • a draft of a poem that I have been planning to write all summer
  • a revision of the Francis Bacon poem
I did get my manuscripts mailed or otherwise sent off today, including one with a 'detailed cover letter addressing my bio, my publication history, and my marketing plan' should my manuscript be accepted by the press in question. 

And I bought a non-essential tee shirt and some essential hair product. I am prepared, people! I have several novels on my Kindle. And a non-functioning iPod, so, you know, that's rad. As you can see, I've been thinking about my carry-ons obsessively, as well as my in-flight productivity. Yes, I said that. I'm as horrified as you are.

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