Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Reasons to go again to Scotland.

wet weather is my soul's weather.
In Scotland, the weather is, currently, rainy. When we arrive next week, though, it is supposed to be
cloudy. Cloudy with partial sun.

this odd-shaped thumb of a country
I love love love.
Scotland is riven with lochs and rivers and crags. Like other wild mountainous places, Scotland cannot be navigated as the crow flies. If we want to drive from Aberdeen to the sea lochs on the west coast, and to the Isle of Skye, we may have to go along the north coast by way of Inverness.

The isles in the west: these are magical words. Hebrides, inner and outer. The Fairy Pools. Portree. The lighthouse at Neist.

causeway at low tide. I want to walk across.
When we're in Scotland, we may go south as well, into the north of England, to visit the Holy Island of Lindisfarne. You have to watch the tides--you can only go across from the mainland to the island when the tides are out, but you can walk--there's a pilgrim's way.

In Scotland, there are people I love, people I can hardly wait to see. In less than a week we'll board a plane for hours and hours and then we'll be there.


  1. You know what? No one writes about Scotland better than you do, HTMS. If you were Irish-Canadian, I would say you are probably the best Irish-Canadian author writing about Scotland today.

    Have so much fun. And give those people there a hug from me, too.

  2. We can't wait to see you, to bring you your souls weather, to see all the good things with you! xxxooo



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