Wednesday, July 15, 2015

The Megastore recommends.

compared to ours, this mattress
pad is a bed of thorns. I'm telling you,
it's good.
1. Better bedding. Last week, I bought a new mattress cover. Our old one, which had stood us in good stead, was nonetheless looking a little the worse for wear, and frankly was not doing its part in terms of our sleeping comfort. This new mattress cover was labeled 'luxury' and 'sateen,' and it seemed, therefore, simply by virtue of these two words, to be a step up. I waited until bedding washing day to put it on. The people! It has smoothed out our ride and softened our slumber, and it is fantastic. Better than anything? it was deeply on sale at Target. I cannot tell you what the better bedding item is that will make your sleep infinitely (if also infinitesimally) better, but I urge you to haunt the clearance racks of wherever it is you shop and listen carefully to what the sales goods in the bedding department are telling you. Be a bedding whisperer.

2. A new park. A few days ago, the historian's daughter mentioned a new park in a city across the
somewhere in this plan is a
fantastic playground.
valley. After a little bit of querying, my daughter and son and his wife and a passel of grandchildren headed over there to take it for a spin. It was good, very good, if a little bit on the un-shady side. There were excellent climbing opportunities and a zip line and all manner of play possibility. We played until we couldn't take the sun anymore, and then we tried

it's by the park!
3. A new pizza place. It had thin crusted slices and one of those fancy Coca Cola drink machines where you can get the soda of your dreams (mind is sparkling water with lemonade in it--not too sweet, very refreshing!). We all agreed that there might be better pizza in the world, but it was pretty good. And, as my iPhone told me when we were sweltering (let's admit it) at the park, it was only 700 ft. away. So: convenient!

4. Wowing a grandchild. Today at the park, there was one of those spinning merry-go-rounds, the
little spinning death machines,
in my opinion.
kind that I basically think are accident-machines, since they work on centripetal force. This one was a kinder, gentler version, with cupped sides, to reduce the likelihood that children will fly out when it goes real fast. Or that they will try to hop on in similar circumstances. ANYWAY the grand boys had all hopped in, so I began to spin it around. I broke into a run--and by 'run' I mean, well, I guess 'run,' but, you know, low impact. 'I didn't know Grandma could run,' one grandson said to another. Well, me either, actually, but there you are. I ran that spinning piece of playground equipment around. So I also recommend surprising oneself with physical feats such as a light run while sending the kids on a whirly, fantastic ride.

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  1. That run was impressive especially because the spinny thing was filled with elementary age boys! Not a light load! Well done!



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