Friday, May 01, 2015

Movie-going triage.

From the red chair, with laptop, this morning:

Me: Looks like there are a lot of great movies at the Broadway. (cheerful and bleary-eyed--Friday, and jet lag, respectively)

The Historian: There's that new one with Juliette Binoche. (By "Juliette Binoche," I assume he means "The Most Radiantly Beautiful Actress in the World, and Perhaps in All of Movie History." Or maybe that's just me.)

Me: ...but also that Russell Crowe one we haven't see yet. The water one? (By Russell Crowe, I mean, "Arguably great actor who hasn't lost the ability to movie star it up.") And some other ones, I think. (the James Franco-Jonah Hill thing, for instance. This one is implied by 'some other ones, I think,' but not spoken because it's too early for being complete.)

Historian: Also that documentary--what's it called?

Me: I don't want to see that one. I feel like I already know what its argument is.

Historian: (laughs:) Okay, so we'll see one of them, then.

Later in the afternoon, after having collapsed on the bed with Metacritic:

Me: (James Franco/Jonah Hill thing: nope. "Turgid."  Russell Crowe thing: apologist for the Armenian genocide? Can that be true? NOPE. Documentary: never.)

[ancillary review of a bunch of movies in second run theaters, whose titles I don't recognize: nope, nope, and nope. McFarland, U.S.A.? A definite maybe. Could I talk the historian into this movie? Nope. Sci fi thing? ditto: No cyborgs for the historian.]

Juliette Binoche* it is, then.

*worth it.

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  1. I went through a similar process last night and also decided we should see the Juliieeet Binocheeee film but then our friend couldn't go and we were tired; instead we red boxed "What If" with daniel radcliffe which I thoroughly enjoyed. BTW, you must see the cyborg film, Ex machina, even if without the Historian--well done and interesting interplay with other recent cyborg films. And McFarland USA is surprisingly good given it is a sports genre film. Not to mention you get running.



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