Wednesday, May 06, 2015

Wednesday night at Target.

I should be grading. That's first.

But also, and second, it was my friend's birthday a month ago, and we're having breakfast on Friday, and all the things I picked up and then put back at T.J. Maxx were too literal.

After dinner, I drove to one of the several Targets within range (not the one I went to earlier in the day, however.), and engaged in a meditation walk. The meditation involved objects, and a consideration of their uses, and and imagination of the objects in the hands of my friend, how she might receive them.

I could hear it when the rain started. Such a big box, so well lit, so full of things, and still the rain was  a counter rhythm to my walk. And then the thunder. Big percussive music. I was halfway round the store when it began.

I was there for forty minutes, more or less. I put a few things away--a soft scarf, a blouse that had dark blue embroidery, but unfortunate fluttery sleeves that I knew would be a mistake. I found something for my friend that feels at least a little bit poetic. I'm happy with it.

Rain, I said to the cashier.

I know! she said. I just want to be home to listen to it.

Me too, so I left with my purchases, and drove home with the headlights and wipers on.

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