Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Time for another dose.

After getting up and going to the Living Wax Museum at my grandson's elementary school--

Deacon as Albert Einstein.

all the kids were re-enacting historical figures, from Eleanor Roosevelt and Amelia Earhart to Harry Houdini and Abraham Lincoln--you pressed the green button and they would tell you all about themselves--after that, I went on home to resume my role in a play entitled The Post Semester You Betta Rest Blues. It's a revival. We do it every May at the megastore.

Today's rendition involved a mid-morning nap, consumption at regular intervals of the generic Cold & Flu Mucinex, a certain amount of laying around, a brief rally in which I considered my manuscript, another brief rally in which I cleaned and straightened some shelves in the bathroom cabinet, and then some more laying around. Watching a few episodes of Veronica Mars, which is currently streaming on Amazon Prime. If you haven't ever watched it, I recommend that you get right on it.

I considered thinking about the semester, as in: did I do all I could do? etc., but in the end, laying around was more of an all-consuming activity, leaving only a paltry amount of brain energy. Insufficient, really, for soul searching. I'm about to get back to laying around right now.

By the way, I recently ran across this on my cousin's college-age daughter's Facebook feed:

I'm telling you, this is priceless.

You guys. I would never have coded myself an introvert. But hey, according to this map, I'm at least halfway there. This post-semester letdown/breakdown is getting my in touch with the 'I want to be alone so I can sleep' that is, evidently, at the core of my being, at least for now.

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