Monday, May 04, 2015


Today, I put the grommets into twenty three folios.

Wait, let me start again.

My poetry class is producing a publication. I had a vision of it long before we at the Publication Center ever got a press. A Takach etching press, to be exact. My vision was this:

  • a collection of broadsides (each student produces one broadside in a class-size edition)
  • sometimes these broadsides were tiny (broadside being used loosely in this instance)
  • sometimes these broadsides were largish. Close to tabloid size.
  • the broadsides would be printed (sometimes in my vision, they were letter pressed) and would have an image on them.
  • the broadsides would be gathered and held--bound, in a word--in a portfolio, which would be
  • a beautiful piece of heavy weight paper, printed with the title, and tied with some sort of lacing that would 
  • lace through both sides of the portfolio.
In all versions of my vision, this publication was exquisite.

I talked it over with my Publication Center people. We all agreed this was doable. We came up with dimensions for the broadsides (slightly smaller than letter size paper) and the portfolio (a tabloid piece of dove-gray medium weight cardstock). 

"How will the lacing go through the paper?" Charlotte asked.

"I don't know. Just, like, holes?" I approximated.

"You're gonna need grommets," said Charlotte, with certitude and firmness. We talked about grommets and how that would all work, and it was decided.

"What are you going to lace it with?" Charlotte and Kat asked, on different occasions. 

I thought maybe gray suede lacing, and/or maybe gray satin ribbon.

Kat said, "Maybe the narrowest"--she held her index finger and thumb infinitessimally close--"gray grosgrain ribbon." 

This all sounded good to me.

Cut to now. I have visited three different stores in search of the elusive narrowest gray grosgrain (or satin, either would do) ribbon, and gray suede lacing. Here's what I have instead:
  • satin and grosgrain ribbon, gray, but not the narrowest--medium narrow
  • black suede lacing
  • lovely soft gray wool yarn
  • the very narrowest black grosgrain ribbon
  • sheer gray ribbon, also not the narrowest.
Also, today I put in four grommets per publication by hand. The people, I brought a hammer and a nail to work. A hammer. (and a nail.) Putting in grommets is sort of meditative, if by meditative you mean using a hammer and also wondering if you're even doing the damn thing right at all. Or what.

But it is going to be beautiful, I swear. That part of the vision is coming true. Also the part where we have doughnuts from Fresh Donut & Deli. Doughnuts are always the refreshment of choice in my visions.

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  1. The ribbons, the doughnuts, the readings. These things were all so good. They were, in fact, perfect.



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