Thursday, April 30, 2015

Sometimes the last day is a long day, but when the long day is over, it is so choice.

Not to brag or anything, but my day started at a ridiculous 'jet lag is calling, hello!' hour of the morning and did not end until I was in my car at well after 9 p.m., driving home with french fries and a soda that somehow had fizz but no sweet. It was long, is all, and it also involved the following:
  • a trip to the dentist
  • panic in the face of a stack of not-yet-commented-upon student poems
  • resignation in the face of same
  • a printing project that is so beautiful and yet in the moment was inky and logistical and crowded
  • a gift from friends that was truly touching
  • a reading of the Poem-A-Day crowd poems
  • the writing of 2.5 reports
  • attending the transplendent chapbook launch
  • consulting with one two three four five six students from seven to nine p.m., online yet in my office, because whoops, failure to adequately plan. Although students one and five did not, in fact, show. Booooo.
It was long, is all, and yet. AND YET. It is the last of the truly long days for quite a while. And although I am tired all over my whole being, I can see the possibilities of rest and calm and, well, grading, but also time to breathe. 

And also, that printing project? It is going to be amazing:

student poems, broadsided, plus mono prints

can you believe it?


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