Friday, April 03, 2015

Hard week, you guys.

Or weeks, actually. Not hard, like, by global standards. More like, hard to the point where I question my own character and need to lie down and be quiet and/or dream of lying down and being quiet, and maybe also cry.

One of my friends told me a story recently, a story that is simultaneously so awful and so hilarious--it focuses on a wedding, not hers or her children's, gone epically awry; the story culminates in my friend taking herself into her hotel room and lying on the bed, a parka zipped all the way up to the top of her head, so she would both have to be quiet and not have her senses taxed even one more tiny iota, lest her brains implode.

Like that.

Remember when Tracy Jordan was so overstimulated because Kenneth pointed out upsetting things to him, so much so that he had to have Grizz sit on him? (thank you, Walker, for finding 30 Rock quotes!)

Also like that.

I almost wrote a sentence just now in which I made a statement about my character. But eff that, you guys. I'm too tired, and also I have just zipped my parka all the way up over my face and Grizz is sitting on me, so, you know, character analysis is kind of out of the question at the moment.

To rescue this day/week(s), I:

  • worked out, even though I felt tired and, really, the worst, and felt, predictably, so much better;
  • went to a great expensive Mexican restaurant and thoroughly enjoyed the guacamole made table-side, and my mole poblano enchilada, as well as my strawberry flavored Jarisco, and ALSO the super-adorable and delicious tiny churro that was delivered with the check;
  • watching this movie; and
  • writing this poem.
I am anticipating a weekend of basement cleaning and poem-writing and grocery-shopping and maybe a little grading and definitely working out and maybe some other stuff. No character analysis. I hope yours is similarly, well, better than your week, if your week was kind of challenging (non-global standard awful, it goes without saying, because #narcissism).

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  1. I hope you've inched the parka zipper down a little bit this morning. I am praying for pancakes for you.



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