Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Dans un aéroport européen.


  • when exhausted from a ten hour trans Atlantic flight, and irrationally excited at the prospect of checking one's digital account, do NOT inadvertently set the phone down whilst shouldering one's carryon bags and thereby leave it on the plane.
  • We tried the fasting on the plane, eating when one arrives plan for short circuiting jet lag. We'll see, I guess, the ultimate outcome. Immediate outcome: very hungry upon arrival. Did not sleep on the plane. At least not to speak of.
  • RE Only Lovers Left Alive: these vampires are maybe the most cultured, well-read vampires of all vampire-dom. Possibly a little insufferable, but maybe only a little. Tilda Swinton looks swell with a great pile of doubtfully clean blond hair. All of this is based on having watched precisely half of the movie. 
  • On the other hand, a great swath of Brooklyn 99 episodes did not go amiss.
  • Hating airplane outfit. Possibly because I have been wearing it for 21 hours.
  • Doubting advisability of this trip. Possibly because I am hating my airplane outfit and we are not yet in Dublin and (never underestimate this) I have not slept to speak of in quite some time. And I am still a little hungry.
  • HOWEVER. Europe, even an airport. 
  • One more thing: seriously, no croissants on this concourse. Nary a croissant. The people cry out for justice!
Poem, written on a plane.


  1. Did you retrieve your phone? I'm panicking a little for you. And, I've heard of this no-eat on plane suffer less jet lag plan. Let me know if it works! I hope you find a new outfit soon.

  2. But you are in Europe. Right now I would gnaw my arm off for same. Enjoy it!

  3. But you are in Europe. Right now I would gnaw my arm off for same. Enjoy it!

  4. I join your cry for justice. Methinks that croissants should be mandatory once across the pond!



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