Thursday, April 02, 2015

Backing up.

Last week sometime, my friend had a hard drive scare. There was a shutdown, and then a sad, question mark-y icon. "You are out of luck," said the tech guys.

I thought to myself: shit! Because backing up is not my strong suit. This, despite the zillions of sleek little terabyte hard drives I have laying around casually, all hey, girl, how bout I back you up? And I'm all, nah, I got poems to write. It's National Poetry Month, yo.

Well, those carefree days are no more. I am backing up to a cloud thingie recommended by my son. You set it up and the system backs all your data up to the celestial data cloud.

Children, let me tell you: a lot of data takes a lot of days to back up. To the cloud. And by a lot, I mean my computer is running slow.

Safari is all um, I just ate a lot of carbs so I'm taking a nap right now. Open up an app? So tired. Don't rush me. Try to upload/download anything? Whoa, that seems like so   much    work    why don't you go take a break or something? I need to think about it.

Also, the number of files it says it's backing up--this back up system--keeps changing, and not always in the downward direction. This makes me anxious. Is the system just finding more files to back up? Is it because I keep using my computer--obviously, these are modern times!--and therefore my work needs backing up? I tell you, I feel like this back up might last forever. Like No Exit.  Or Kafka. Or, you know, a hellish afterlife. Except I'm still living this life, and I need to get some work done!

Literally since I started this post, my back up system has discovered that it has a few hundred extra files to back up.

My friend was lucky, in that the tech guys were able to find her data, almost all of it. All her FB friends were all, you better start backing it up or next time the disaster will be for REAL. That's when I started backing up, and I think I will be backing up forever from here to eternity.

Data, amirite?

Today's poem.


  1. I just got over a computer scare myself. Backing up is something I need to be better at myself!

  2. Data and Big Horn Sheep. One survives better.



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