Thursday, April 09, 2015

Ten AWP Questions.

1. Why, pray tell, is my editor not here in Minneapolis, at the great Mecca of writing?
2. Why have I not slept for two days in a row? At least, not much?
3. Why did I just set myself the project of writing a poem composed of rhyming couplets, and including a little dog?
4. How many panels will I attend tomorrow?
5. And will I get up in time for a nine o'clock?
6. Tomorrow, shall I dress for comfort, or for speed, or both?
7. At what point will the book fair overwhelm me tomorrow--after 45 minutes, or 30, or 10?
8. Will it be worth it to attend a reading tomorrow that starts at 8:30?
9. What if the readers are Vijay Seshadri and Arthur Sze?
10. And will it have been worth it after all?

1 comment:

  1. I vacillate between wishing I were there and remembering why I'm not--just like I would waiver were I there. I'm thinking that missing you and Dr. Write is the high watermark of my wrong. Arthur Sze! (That's just an exclamation point. I don't think I'd make it to the 8:30).



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