Saturday, April 18, 2015


I went down to Blick to check out everything, and also to buy grommets and suede lacing for a class book project I'm working on/dreaming up. Which, if I had done my homework, I would have realized two things:

  • Blick gots no grommets, and
  • Blick gots no suede lacing.
Of course it doesn't. It's not a store for whack on-the-fly designed book projects that call for whatnots and craft doodads. 

So instead, I wandered the tidy and evocative aisles and bought the following:
  • my own Lino Cutter set
  • Ready-Cut plate, that I will use my Lino Cutter on to make things to print with
  • a Strathmore Toned Gray notebook, which is just as it sounds, a 112 page sketchbook with gray paper
  • two super soft pencils
  • one inky Uniball micro pen
  • several tiny packs of artist trading cards--blanks, so you make your own cards that you can trade with, you know, artists
  • one packet of impossible adorable and elegant envelopes for said artist trading cards
and the piece de resistance,
  • printable tattoo paper.
That's right, people: SLCC Publication Center temporary tattoos are going to happen. They are on their way!

All these things are a promise to myself that I will use them when this semester is over. Which it's going to be. That's the thing: no matter what, the semester is going to be over. And then there will be temporary tattoos OH YES there will be temporary tattoos.

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