Tuesday, April 07, 2015


I was looking for a particular picture today (for a #tbt that turns out to be Tuesday, which isn't actually a thing, MOM.), and realized the Google Plus is totally following my every move.

Remember Google Plus? How we all (well, I did, anyway) signed up for it because, you know, Google, and then who cares? As it turns out, I apparently told Google Plus to back up my photographs--well, not all of them, but a lot, and anyway, while I was searching for this one picture, I realized that Google Plus had a kajillion of my old blog headers.

[INTERJECTION:  The blog: how I love it. I remember when I first started my blog and it seemed miraculous to me, that all of a sudden, without knowing one damn thing about html, I could have a website, and my writing could be on the internet. I remembered seeking out an internet cafe where I'd be able to post updates, a cafe that somehow, and suspiciously, never seemed to be open when I stopped by with burning updates. I started posting brand new headers every month, or nearly, fairly early on. Some of these are fairly recent, but others go back several years.]

Anyway, here are a couple dozen of them. I liked seeing them, and thought you wouldn't mind seeing them, too.

{today's poem, a little pantoum if you're keeping score.}

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