Tuesday, January 13, 2015

What I found:

when I was cleaning out a repository of unknown papers and magazines and notebooks and other detritus whence I know not. In addition to birthday cards, letters, a torn-out profile of Alec Baldwin, photographs, tarot cards, little notebooks, I found these:

a notebook with the menu of what we ate at the Mermaid Cafe
 on Dame Street in Dublin.

a letter sent to me from The Dominican Republic

a graduation announcement from my daughter-in-law

the flyer I made for my son's farewell open house--
right before he went to Singapore

a sweet letter that made me cry, written
by my daughter when she was organizing and cleaning
my kitchen as a Mother's Day present

Happy Thanksgiving! Love, William

Ticket stub from when Dr. Write and I
were in New York at AWP, and we went to see
Stoppard, and we both cried

'the Atlantic is a Lethean stream, in our passage
over which we have had an opportunity to forget
the old world and its institutions.' from 'Walking,'
H.D. Thoreau. I saw this manuscript, written
in Thoreau's hand, in the Concord Public Library.

a merit badge that never found its way to a sash.


  1. I love the sweet nostalgia of this post, HT. You've inspired me to go through a few boxes and see what lovely bits of memory I might un(re)cover.

  2. Treasures! Every single one! Remember in Dublin when John and Raymond came home with ice? The rejoicing!! Ice for our cokes!!

  3. Amelia, I had forgotten that. Oh ice, how precious thou art in the Euro zone (and also in the UK)!

  4. Inspired by all your (and others about me) organizing I spent the afternoon doing this same thing. Lovely memories and +++!! now I have a place to put library books and a clean desk!

  5. Pieces of a well-lived life.



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