Sunday, January 25, 2015

Office snapshots.

This is how a perfectly lovely weekend comes to a close:

with rubrics...
and Excel spreadsheets...

...and assessment samples.

I should, of course, have finished this last week. But oh well.


I am assuming that next week, which will represent the end of this project as well as the end of many other such obligatories, will be less rubricated. Not to mention less Excel spreadsheeted. 'Spreadsheeted' sounds like a prank somebody might play on you at camp, right? A mean, mean prank. At Assessment Camp, which is--you know I'm right--the worst camp EVER.


  1. Yes. Let's both be more finished by the end of this week and in general. I'm sure there is such a thing as finishedish. And we will make it true.

  2. Assessment Camp would definitely be the WORST camp ever. I hope you can set aside the spreadsheeting soon!



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