Sunday, January 18, 2015

Weekend productivity update.

1. Despite being dislodged from my own bed by sneaky dog in the early hours, woke on Saturday morning to summon energy and will to go to the gym.
2. On the way home from the gym, came up with brilliant idea to make breakfast burritos!
3. At home, called son, who lives downstairs, on cell phone to ask if he wants a breakfast burrito.
4. He does.
5. Hand grated potatoes (I could call them "house-grated," but that would be going too far.) into house-made (oh, why not.) hash browns.
6. Etc. My breakfast burrito was beyond, partly because I had salsa verde to go on it.
7. Went to grandson's basketball game.
8. Wandering and wild granddaughter prevented normal fan behavior on my part. Even so, grandson's team won--the historian witnessed it.
9. Speaking of which, we watched Into the Woods, but not until we (a) ate a croissant at Tulie's and (b) checked on a skirt in a retailery. (p.s. I have been checking on this skirt for MONTHS.)
10. Into the Woods verdict: a lot of singing, but pretty good. Not enough dancing.
11. Our regular Vietnamese place was too crowded. We ate at an inferior, once-great Vietnamese place. It is as one would expect, given its fall from a once great height: okay. All right.
12. Slept not enough. Woke to accomplish several of the items exhibiting the strike through on this list:

13. Made oatmeal. Slightly scorched the raisins therein, and discovered that slightly scorched raisins are not bad at all, oatmeal-wise.
14. Spoke to Scotland daughter and children. Made a first draft of a poem for my writing group.
15. Discovered, at writing group, that poem is still a first draft.
16. Bought the watched-over skirt for a price that was acceptable, if not up to my highest standards of bargain hunting.
16. Spoke to son and family in Tempe. Van fell on a mountain in Papago Park, fyi. He is a little bit banged up on the forehead, but he is okay.
17. Laundry.
18. Snack dinner, if you can even call it that. Forage dinner.
19. The television up in this joint is subpar.
20. Finished the Sunday crossword like a champ.

And did I accomplish all there was to do? And did I have have many high minded and worthy thoughts? And am I feeling a little bit something in the sad quadrant, for which there are explanations, not least of which is that I am a little bit tired? And will I sleep the sleep of the blest?

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  1. You did so.much.stuff. And def house grated.



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