Friday, January 30, 2015

Things of which I do not approve (and a few things of which I do approve).

1. Scorpions.
2. Episodes of television shows in which scorpions prominently appear, especially when said scorpions are on the loose, and are not contained by episode's end. In other words,
3. Narrative chaos, but mostly only if it is scorpion-related.
4. The current cookie-less state of my household, and all that this implies.
5. the fact that, to get the Christmas tree which is currently occupying a corner of my living room taken down, I will need to make taking the Christmas tree down a priority over other things, such as potentially making cookies, or writing, or laying around daydreaming, or taking a nap.

That is all.

I do, however, approve of:

1. A Most Violent Year.
2. Enchiladas.
3. Friday night.
4. The prospect of Saturday and Sunday.
5. The new issue of a literary magazine that arrived in the mail.
6. the bowl of oranges in my kitchen.
7. the fact that I am going to make and eat pancakes tomorrow morning, as God is my witness.

1 comment:

  1. No narrative chaos? Interesting.
    Good luck with the tree. It's not even February yet!



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