Wednesday, January 21, 2015

In honor of my daughter, who is going to Rome

Tonight, as I departed the building at work in darkness--well, dusk, or gloaming, or actually darkness is good, it's accurate--I found myself singing this immortal song:

what the hell are we going to eat for supper?

It's a song, and thus requires no answer, but the question upon which the song is founded does--it does require an answer and the answer is PIZZA.

The answer might have been Thai food, if I hadn't kind of worn myself out of Thai food, or Indian food if Indian food weren't a little expensive for Wednesday and also a little much, just in terms of the digestive load. The answer could have been all sorts of home cooked comestibles, if (a) I had gone to the grocery store and procured vegetables as I had told myself I would do on my list: to wit:

(N.B.: I'm not sure exactly what good my list is doing me if I am leaving work in darkness and I don't actually get vegetables out of the deal.)

and (b) if I weren't so g.d. tired and also if (c) I didn't also have to do some online teaching at seven p.m. in the g.d. night.


Well, anyway. My son texted me and said

which leads me to the purpose of this post--oh, it has a purpose, you bet your ass it has a purpose!--what is the best pizza in all the land? For your edification, I have prepared an exhaustive evaluation.


Obviously, we had Papa Murphy's, the veggie extravaganza for us, the pepperoni for my son. Thin thin thin thin crust. I wolfed it down, then did my online teaching and lo! I was fortified.

My daughter and her husband are going to Rome today. I hope they eat alllll the pizza and alllll the pasta, and also alllll the gelato, and finally that they see alllllllllllllllllll the ruins.


  1. Pizza! Pasta! Gelato! I will report!

  2. This was a surprisingly ...what's that word that means sucks your attention in? Engaging? Like, it really hold your attention? Not engaging. I can't think of it. I want to say effervescing but that's definitely not it. Sometimes I just can't grab the word. So this was a surprisingly attention-keeping post, especially for a "let's get pizza for dinner, yo" kind of post. Which shouldn't keep my attention at all. (Ugh, what is that word?)

  3. Papa Murphy's is the best non-date night. What's this Pizza Limone? I'll have to see next time I'm in town.

  4. Settebello's makes me happy! I have a student this semester who works there. Maybe I should come back to town to conference with her on a paper? :)



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