Friday, January 09, 2015

My own personal algorithm.

It's January 9, the people. You know what that means--time to do the ninth blog post of the year.

There comes a time in any "Blogging Every Day in the Year 2015" project--say on the 9th day--when a person, a blogger, finds herself saying, well, what now? Because while the mind is a fertile and inventive place, maybe the mind might not feel up to a witty discussion of why the person, the blogger, has watched Pitch Perfect innumerable times, or a thoughtful expose of why she, the blogger, is not reading very much at all.

It's at times like these--say, the 9th day of January--when a writer might have recourse to the riches of Google on any topic. Perhaps the writer might Google "good topics for blog posts," just to see what turns up. Well:
from HubSpot's Blog Topic Generator

You can refresh the generator and get slightly different topics, using the same nouns (shoulder, fatigue, party). Questions like "What will fatigue be like in 100 years?" and "The Ultimate Cheat Sheet on Party."


10 Quick Tips About Fatigue: 
1. how about a quick nap with the dog? 
2. maybe lay around a read a book. 
3. but first pick a book to read. 
4. will someone please bring me a snack, because I am too tired to get it myself. 
5. weeks before semesters are extra long and fatiguing. 
6. fatigue, the word, comes from the French fatigue, weariness. Also specifically: the labor of military persons (1776). 
7. I'm still wearing earrings, but I am lying down. Could someone take out my earrings? I'm kind of tired. 
8. how about a quick nap with your dog? 
9. we have about 90 premiere movie channels this weekend, excellent for this reclining position I'm currently occupying. 
10.  [too tired to think of a tenth quick tip]

I would imagine that in 100 years, fatigue will look pretty much like this: prone, accompanied by a remote, bookless, with a canine companion. Maybe in 100 years I will be able to change the channel with my mind.


  1. I burst out laughing re the earrings. Well done, HTMS.

  2. The earrings got me too!

  3. Earrings. Sometimes.too.hard.

  4. Possible blog posts:
    waffles or crepes, you choose.
    Talking with kids on the internet: you get seasick.
    The possibilities are endless!



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