Monday, January 12, 2015

That was the first day.

First day of the semester: done.

Second day of the semester: coming right up.

Here's what went right: I was able to finish the syllabus for my second day of the semester class during the periods of time when no students showed up for my first day orientations to their online classes.

On the other hand: practically no students showed up for those orientations.

However: I am not worrying about it. Not yet, or not much.

To compensate: I opened the shade in my office a little higher to capture the little afternoon light diffusing through the rain, and worked and worked away, doing a little online orienting here and there, eating beautiful carrots and fennel and a pink orange.

And then: I went and worked out and drove home, starving like a savage.

And then: I fell asleep while I was reading Go Fug Yourself. #tragic

And then: I watched two hours of television, more or less. Okay, more.

While: working on the calendar for my second day class.

And also: sorting out this and that about other work I need to do. Adding to my lists of things that need to be finished.

Thus: making myself feel a little panicky.

In conclusion: After a day of steady rain, it's now snowing. We took our late night constitutional and left both human and dog tracks coming and going. I'm about to sleep the sleep of the new semester, of the stood-up teacher, of the still-planning, of the not-yet-panicked. Or at least the sleep of the not-much-panicked.


  1. I hope the snow blew some of the muck out. Now, what shows are worth watching? We have gotten rid of cable and we have nothing, nothing, nothing to watch. We will start Transparent tonight.

  2. I have nothing smart to say except for this: please carry on with the blogging. Love it.

  3. I am really enjoying reading these daily -- thanks for writing them!



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