Friday, January 23, 2015

Not sleeping: a field guide.

Here's the bed. Perhaps tonight, I'll get in it,
with the lights off, and fall asleep.
Like normal people.

Or maybe I'll feel sleep taking me, and I'll
close my eyes, lay there for a few minutes 
or a half an hour, then open my eyes 
and think: nope. And I will have missed 
my sleeportunity.

Maybe the unfinished crossword puzzle will 
be calling my name. And maybe I will answer 

Maybe I will need to keep reading something,
such as a literary journal. Or that Japanese book 
about tidying. Maybe I will need to write
a list of things, such as the things I need 
to tidy. Maybe I will need to fret about a few things. 
Like how tired I am certainly going to be, because 
I'm not sleeping.


  1. Oh how I can relate. Often behind on sleep but finding more and more time to read. Though I would never read a literary journal or a journal of any sort as a way to find sleep. My reading must be easier and non-stressful. And the lists!!! So many lists so the brain will stop its interminable spinning and grasping and worrying.

    Always Seeking Sleep (ASS),


  2. Missing the sleeportunity is the worst train to miss in the world. Although, Ron (aka ASS) is right. So much list-making caught up on!

  3. Japanese tidying would seem to be much more nuanced and artful. I will have to look for this book.



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