Thursday, January 08, 2015

Dear breakfast,

How often you redeem a day! --if an event that occurs at the beginning of a day can be said to redeem that day? This is a philosophical conundrum that can best be resolved by watching a two year old dismantle a very large pancake in the shape of a kitten, with a face made of kiwi and strawberries and grapes. (A breakfast burrito also does not go amiss.) Meanwhile, the little two year old asks her mother: do you Coke? do you like...drinks? do you like....pancakes? do you like...Grandma?

See, breakfast? That's what you are so good at. Redeeming days before they even happen. Before they get too long, before they end with long meetings concluding in dark rooms. Literally, breakfast: dark rooms! Why didn't we just turn on a light, already.

Well, although we will never know the answer to that philosophical conundrum, I'll always have you, breakfast, redeeming days before they have even started.

You are literally the best,


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