Wednesday, April 29, 2009

What matters.

I was going to write (again) about my irritating, high-end refrigerator that decided not to work (broken tiny heater that prevented a drain from not freezing up, then backing up and filling stuff with ice, which blew a fuse which tripped a breaker that's connected to the thigh bone). Trust me, it would have been amusing.

But then this: The Poet Craig Arnold is Missing in Japan. Which sounds like, sort of, Where in the World is Carmen SanDiego? but it's not, because the poet Craig Arnold really is missing. In Japan.

Add to that that my day was bracketed by conversations with people in Singapore--running son and then his mission president--about a small, probably not-such-a-big-deal surgery that he needs to have. Except: general anesthesia. And: half a world away.

Point 1: when I whine, it's just theater, everyone knows that, right? Just a little theater to amuse the people. And myself.

Point 2: half a world away. Waiting and praying.


Dr. Write said...

Please keep praying!

ann cannon said...

Thinking of you.

Emma J said...

and praying

Amelia said...

Email me with more details, etc.

Mary said...

Here are my thoughts and prayers too.

Nik said...

Thinking of you and your son and Craig.

gilian said...

If you find yourself in need of a credit card on which to put your plane ticket to Singapore, gimme' a call.


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