Friday, April 10, 2009

Slap method.

Maybe I don't have a new method so much as I'm developing a well-curated boutique of methods. Here's the newest:

1. Arrange to have your friend send you a missive from the world of Jeannette Winterson.
2. Decide, "I'ma write a pome about that."
3. Entitle a word-processing document "a pome about that."
4. Decide to restart your computer. Don't save the document with nothing but a title on it.
5. Go hither and yon. Do this and that and whatnot. Pause to press your hand to your forehead to see if you might be coming down with something.
6. Make a dinner out of what have you.
7. Watch a hella lotta television.
8. After all of that, start a new word-processing document. Look up the Indo-European roots of about four or so words. Use Slap that poem together. Poke it and prod it a little. Et voila.

You could also try the method of using a song to do the above, in which case, add step 7.5: "Put a relevant--loosely or closely--song on repeat on iTunes. Play it till your poem is written or till your ears bleed."

But hey. I'm just one poem behind in Poem-A-Day, and that's not bad. However, I do think I'm coming down with something. Today, I used the Slap Method (with Optional Song), but I had to take a nap first. And do the crossword.

Today's accomplishments: seeing Deacon when he woke up; breakfast with Ann; excellent footwear find at Nordstrom Rack; possible illness; compensatory nap; banking errand; poem; Vietnamese dinner and an amazing movie with the historian.


  1. I think you're winning. You vs. poem, you vs. Nordstrom, you vs. the cold. I root for you and your methodology.

  2. I am smiling. Thank you.



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