Tuesday, April 14, 2009


I am still writing like mad and it feels great. Because of the Poem-a-day project, I'm trying to get new poems going, but I'm also working off of old notes and ideas, and my confluence of methods seems to be keeping me in a groove. Today I looked at some notes about my grandmother's death and worked a poem out of that; I'm now working on another Dublin poem, working from some notes there (also doing research on bridges and rivers and ruins and conquest and maps). This has been a very pleasurable day--even the housework I've done has felt, well, satisfying.

Also, I just read a comment on my friend Ann's blog, about the crazy stuff dogs eat--someone noted that their dogs would eat wasps and bees and flies right out of the sky. That, my friends, is a poem just begging to be written. Somebody better get on it.


  1. I had a dog (you remember Bogie) who ate bees.

    I feel VERY excited about your poems. Can feel your energy all the way over here. Carry on!

  2. I LOVE that Ann is blogging. I am so excited to become a devoted reader!

  3. Our dogs would eat bees too! What a forgotten memory to conjure up.



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