Saturday, April 25, 2009

Organizing project.

Today, while I was checking out Obsessive Consumption, I clicked through to Design*Sponge for this feature on Kate Bingaman-Burt's apartment in Portland:

When I saw this, I remembered that I saw this idea in a book about interior design, which I actually checked out of the library because, what, I was going to . . . ? Well, I liked the pictures, and anyway: in this book, this wildly hilariously incongruous book, I saw that someone had had the aesthetically pleasing idea of organizing their books by color, which it appears Ms. Bingaman-Burt has done. Lovely! I thought, so I decided to do the same.

Who can spot the problem with this scheme? Well, I went ahead and did it anyway, and here's the in-progress result (I'm not showing you the shelves of theory, the spines of which should all be a soul-crushing gray):

Pretty, right? Now, how will I find my books if I can't remember what color they are? The same way I find them now, when I haven't put them in the appropriate section: by scanning the shelves for minutes on end until I remember that the one I want the one I need the one I must have right now now now is probably under my side of the bed, because that's where I was reading it last.


  1. There are other ways to organize your books besides by color?

  2. I love this idea. MB will never go for it.

  3. Beautiful! Always remember that a primary school MB would line his books up by size, from biggest to smallest. Even he can handle non-alphabetical organization if pressed.

  4. I love seeing your exhibit! In SF, at Midnight Books, I think, an artist did a similar thing for a few weeks. Smashing. I particularly love the red family on your shelves.

  5. I love the books, who says that isn't the best way to do your books?

  6. Pretty! Mine are organized alphabetically by title. Like a boring person would.

  7. i love the organized chaos that is your study.
    it is very poetic. haha
    idk, i just wanted to help! :D

  8. Perhaps best success results when we *buy* our books by color?

    (I'm imagining a whole wall of books shading from celadon to robin's egg - with three red books alternating :red:celadon: red:celadon:red: very, very occasionally.)



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