Monday, April 06, 2009

Very good.

In a document I call "Daily Writing," I had this to say about today:
sweaty shopping excursion, ugh
after all that bravado, feeling: RELUCTANT to start anew on the terrifying poem.
(Re the sweaty shopping: because I started to feel sweaty, I failed to buy a beautiful scarf that I am totally regretting at the moment. I hope no one else bought it before I get there tomorrow at 10 a.m., sharp, to snag it myself.)

But: back to the tedious story of me writing.

1. I got out my fat freewrite re terrifying poem.
2. I got out my ancillary notes on my fat freewrite.
3. I went shopping.
4. I took a shower to wash off the shopping sweat.
5. I ate my lunch.
6. I looked at my freewrites and ancillary notes. I took some more notes.
7. Exhausted from all the getting out and the looking and the note-taking, I lay down and finished my French detective novel.
8. I sleep-wrote.
9. I got up, slightly disgusted with myself for the self-delusional "sleep-writing" nonsense I was shoveling.

Wrote and cried, cried and wrote. When he got home, the historian asked, "Are you okay?" I told him about the crying and writing. He said, "Yeah, you look like you've just been crying." I told him I had just finished the tear-stained draft.

And today, the writing--all of it--was very, very good.


Dr. Write said...

When is my sabbatical? When I beg of you?

Renaissance Girl said...

rock on. and your "daily writing": isn't that a haiku?

ann cannon said...

Oh good girl!!!

But did you get the scarf?

gilian said...

Writing and crying--no wonder your poetry touches me so.

DiaNe said...

I want to learn how to sleep-write. I'd be a best-selling novelist by now!

Emma J said...

Oh, good for you! This made me laugh and inspires me to get back to work - RIGHT NOW!


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