Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Upon the recommendation of my Scotland daughter, I just downloaded Bat for Lashes and MGMT, which prompted Amazon to recommend that I also download "Don't Fear the Reaper." Yes, that's right, Blue Oyster Cult.

No, no, it turns out it was recommended for me because I downloaded "Rock On," by David Essex, last week. Thank God, the internet makes sense.


Becky said...

have you ever watched this?? so funny!

Condiment said...

Love the "What's a Girl To Do?" vid, Donnie Darko rip though it may be:

Grown to like MGMT record in spite of myself!

Amelia said...

I feel so cool that I got name checked!
PS (Electric Feel on MGMT)
(Daniel on Bat for Lashes)

theorris said...

I'm still not really sure about MGMT. Sure, good beat, but the words--not so much.

Now as far as Donnie Darko goes--I have several friends who worked on Dark 2--Electric Bunnie Bugaloo. I have no idea when it comes out.

Condiment said...

I agree, Orris, lyrics are wanting. Try not to pay attention to that!


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