Saturday, April 04, 2009

Data data data.

Found this, this morning, on TED: Tim Berners-Lee, who, did you know this? is said to have invented (yes, "invented"!) the World Wide Web. He's rather excitable in this lecture, but is pointing the way to what is called, variously, Web 3.0 or the Semantic Web:

Also, yesterday in the mail came a slim volume, the CD-ROM of Chris Marker's Immemory, a very poetic, idiosyncratic and gorgeous meditation on memory, which the user navigates in a highly poetic and idiosyncratic way. It only recently became available again--if anyone wants a demo, I'd be happy to share. It requires the Mac OS X to run.


  1. I wish I could watch this instead of grade. But I must grade.

  2. I love your blog. Where else could I find photos and lectures and music and poetry and little bits of you that remind me in so many ways why I am so glad that I know you.

  3. I had to watch that clip for my class last semester. if i weren't so grumpy about having to write a paper today for my current class, I would have something to say about old tim berners-lee and the semantic web.

  4. I might note that Lee invented HTML for free (well aside from his salary from CERN.) It is a credit to CERN, as well, that they didn't patent HTML.

  5. Cory wants you to know that Tim Berners-Lee also wrote the first web server in objective C on a NeXTSTEP machine, which was the predecessor to Mac OS X. And that he *did* invent the World Wide Web.

    He was just certain you'd want to know that. Don't you wish you had a husband that knew such fascinating things?

  6. Jessie, I am in fact very pleased to know this. I'm just irked that I didn't know about TB-L in the first place. So thank him for me. I appreciate you passing on the highly relevant and fascinating info!



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