Friday, April 24, 2009

Good day.

Awhile ago, I set a goal that I would have a complete draft--all the note-like things I've had as placeholders for actual poems would be actual poems, albeit possibly in draft form--of my new manuscript by May 1. Today, I did a little assessment of the status of things, and I am exceedingly happy to report that I am in all probability going to meet this goal. And that, the people, is the proverbial bomb. As in, "the bomb."

This may surprise you a little bit, what with all the YouTube research I've done of late and the downloading of Glen Campbell songs, but it is true. I have done fat revisions of poems that were in a sorry state. I have written drafts of things that were the mere whiff of the possibility of the idea of the concept of poems. I have made executive decisions about stuff that no longer appears to need to be in the manuscript. And now, I have
  • 2 drafts to write of rather whiffy items
  • 3 mash-ups of two or more poems that really should be a single poem
  • 1 fat revision of a sorry-state poem
  • 2 poems to decide whether they really need to be in the manuscript.
This is doable by May 1. Eminently. After that, I will smoke fat cigars and burn money and download some more stuff, because I will have arrived . . . at the point where I can do more fine-tuned revision. Whoopee!


  1. congrats! good job, you.

    my verification word: unorop as in "please unorop that horse"

  2. Fed-x-ing fat cigars your way!

    Lisa, this is the happiest post I've read on any blog for a long time. I am thrilled. And impressed. And proud. And eager to read.

  3. Wow. Great news. I can't wait to see the whole thing!

    My word verif is "trite." The word verif people need to try a little harder.

  4. Your reports on the writing life (the agony and the ecstasy) teach me and give me heart - brava on the eminently achievable deadline!

  5. I am inspired. Maybe I will see you at the farmer's market. If not, we need to lunch.

  6. you ARE THEE bomb LCOB!!!!
    sadly, this is the first time i have read your blog-LOVE IT!! WOW! you are accomplishing so much. how is your missionary? LOVE YOU-Tina McKendrick



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