Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Paintballing in Ireland.

Theorris has asked, "How was paintballing in Ireland?" What a very good question! Thank you for asking.

Before I respond, however, I have an announcement to make: young William Steven Bickmore, the brand-new baby of Singing Son and his lovely wife. Born this afternoon, 5 lb. 5 oz. At the moment, I have no photos but you can watch for photo updates here, and I hope to have some of my own very soon. Everyone is doing very well, and the baby is beautiful.

As for paintballing, see for yourself:

My fancier camera ended up expressing a disappointing "zoom error" in a rather rude and repetitive fashion, as in, I could not use this malfunctioning annoyance of a camera. Luckily I also brought my trusty little one, the one with hardly any megapixels? It took darn good pictures anyhow. I will be posting some more pics as soon as I get them processed and sorted.

We had a wonderful, wonderful time. The highlight was spending a whole week with my daughter and her family, including the lovely Miriam and Evie. We tramped all over Dublin and had splendid meals, played with paper dolls and read stories. In fact, I can't say too much about this because, well, you know. Too far, too long, growing up so fast, &c. Your average heartbreak. But it was beyond awesome to be with them. Beyond, I tell you.

Tomorrow I will tell you about (a) Yeats' papers, and (b) Francis Bacon's studio, which was lovingly transported to the Dublin City Gallery where it was reassembled in its squalid glory, a total mess, which as you might imagine, was entirely inspiring to me.


  1. Aaack! I can't see the pictures! I'll check back soon. We miss you already, trying not to get verklempt.

  2. Can see pictures now. so cute.

  3. Welcome back! I can't wait to hear about the redeeming Bacon studio.

  4. So much adorableness...and Francis Bacon?? Jealous.
    Veg! Bread! Adorable children. Glad to see there was no actual paintball.
    Just saying the word Liffey gives me a pain of longing in my chest.
    Glad you're back.

  5. these pictures are stunning. Especially the one of the dublin sky. I can taste it.

    So glad the trip was everything you hoped for.

  6. What a lovely, lovely visit--a wonderful place with dear ones close by, who also happen to know their way around. I'm not even going to touch the heartbreak.

  7. Wait--how could I forget the congratulations on the newborn boy? What an amazing miracle he is.

  8. Oddities: this didn't appear in my RSS aggregato until this very morning, exactly one month later. I see I have much to catch up on. Here and all I thought you were taking some grand blogging sabbatical to go along with your other sabbatical..



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