Thursday, September 04, 2008

Did not/did.

On my recent trip to Idaho I did not
  1. Sit in a lounge or coffee shop equipped with wireless to do sundry laptop related activity.
  2. Feel fine, despite having slept in Idaho, because this nagging cold/allergy/sinus thing keeps lingering (f***ing lingerer!).
  3. Read more than a page or two in my book (Through the Children's Gate: A Home in New York, by Adam Gopnik).
  4. Listen to music on the way to Idaho or on the way back.
I did, however,
  1. Take a nap in the car whilst nephew and sister-in-law were checking in at the dorms.
  2. Visit a Wal-Mart.
  3. Buy new OTC sinus-related medication that is genius. [¡Medication Update! It is DayQuil Sinus. I am finding it excellent and very very helpful.]
  4. Listen to sister-in-law read highly amusing passages from Bill Bryson's The Life and Times of the Thunderbolt Kid in the car on the way home.
  5. Eat breakfast at MacDonald's (breakfast burrito, y'all!) in Rexburg.
  6. hear a woman say "Me encantaria si tu viera botes asi,"* regarding my awesome boots, in said MacDonald's parking lot in Rexburg.
*It would enchant me were I to have boots like that.


  1. I think the boot comment make the whole trip worthwhile, don't you?

  2. Please, oh please pass on the name of said sinus meds. I'm dying over here.

  3. yes, more info on that sinus medication.

    I hope that when I get out my new Ottawa winter boots someone will feel enchanted by them.

  4. Not to be a nit-picker on translation, but I think she was paying you even a better compliment: "I am charmed by your boots" or "I love to see you wearing those boots" or, simply, "I LOVE YOUR BOOTS!"

  5. where is the info on those meds? I thought I was dying, but after massive doses of Vitamin C, I appear not to be dying, but still....what are the meds?????
    Also, isn't being in Idaho it's own reward, even sans music or reading or???whatever?



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