Sunday, September 21, 2008

We are here!

A few notes:
  • the historian and I had a big Irish breakfast
  • we are staying just one street off the Liffey
  • we are within about ten minutes from the Temple Bar
  • we are going to eat at the Mermaid Cafe tonight, if I have my way
  • we went to the zoo today
  • we are going to rent a vehicle and go west sometime this week.

That is all. Everything is awesome. So far no paintballing or go-karting.


  1. Awesome! The Liffey...I feel some Eavan Boland coming on....
    Have fun.
    and know that we miss you!

  2. Awesome indeed. You should stay until November 5th. Or forever.
    Happy westward travel!

  3. I want you to stop blogging immediately the second it gets in the way of soaking up the magnitude of your trip.

  4. i'm so very jealous of you but look forward to updates!!!

  5. What's the weather like? I'm serious. I am always almost as interested in weather as I am in food. Report please.




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