Monday, September 01, 2008

Messages from a different world.

From Running Son, in Malaysia:
for all of those who thought i would starve in a place like malaysia, you haven't heard of Elder Bickmore's Hot Dog Routi's a delicious meal that i have created...routi is pretty much the best thing i have ever tasted, truly a malaysian delight...i think it is indian food's like a tortilla but a million times better and probably a million times less healthy but anyways i cook some macaroni and cheese, hot dog, fries, wrap it in the routi and put some ketchup on, it's delicious, my comp wouldn't believe me at first, but now he eats it all the time, it's glorious
Apparently, you can take the boy out of the U.S., but you can't take the U.S. out of the boy.

In other news, I am reading prep by Curtis Sittenfeld, who just wrote American Wife, based on an imagined life of Laura Bush; we had an awesome dinner; we took Bruiser for a walk at noon because it was so cool, and now he wants another one; I made cake. Cake! Hello, September!

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  1. But hot dogs, mac & cheese, and fries in a routi, that's like putting the US into Malaysia. Or something.
    And do you like Prep? Huh?
    that's all I've got. Remember? I'm doing this "working" thing.... and yes, your memory serves you correctly. Going back after a 3 day weekend DOES suck.



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