Thursday, September 25, 2008

I refuse to despair.

I used to say that, in a democracy, it was my duty to remain optimistic.

This maxim has been sorely tested of late. For one thing, I have to ask myself what a democracy is, if a court can overrule the will of the people. My Scotland daughter asked if perhaps we ought not to have independent observers of our next election. Duly noted.

However, I will not despair. I will not give up hope for this election, or in the hopeful possibilities represented by it. I will not believe that, because some white Democrats are reported to have some negative feelings about blacks, they will necessarily all base their electoral decision on those negative feelings. I will not believe it until they prove me wrong, and even then, I will say to them, History is not on your side.

Update: Check this out.


  1. I'm trying not to despair. It would be easier if I were in Ireland...but maybe just getting up into the mountains will help.
    Miss you.

  2. Yes. You give me hope. As do the new polls. And the fact that McCain is acting like a crazy person about the debates. Hope hope hope.

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