Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Ireland: so close, so very very very very very very far away.

We are leaving in about 32 hours. Here is what I have accomplished so far in the way of getting ready:
  • I have purchased batteries for my camera.
  • I have purchased a magazine for the flight.
  • I have purchased a pad of watercolor paper and a pan of paints so I can paint with my granddaughters.
  • I have made lists. A lot of lists.
  • I have picked out several activities I want to do in Dublin.
  • I have revised my manuscript, readied it to send out a zillion places, and have sent some packets of poems to magazines via the internets, and have readied other packets to send.
  • I have a fresh haircut.
  • I have a wardrobe concept.
  • I have done most of the laundry. I think.
Now: I still have to:
  • SEND the manuscript and packets.
  • before that, address the freaking envelopes for the packets and manuscripts.
  • uh, print the manuscript, copy it a zillion times, and print the packets.
  • pack.
  • not forget things like all the cords I need to take so all my devices can be charged.
  • clean up, sort of, at least a little.
  • cancel the milk delivery.
  • call the insurance company (ha! endlessly deferrable!).
  • finish reading Farewell, My Lovely, which I have read before, but I need to have fully refreshed for my book group. Also, because it's fun.
  • Decide what other reading material to bring.
Possibly, I may have a meltdown or two before all of this is accomplished . . . but then, I will be on a plane and we will be, eventually, in Dublin. Seeing the papers of W.B. Yeats, seeing other exhibitions of various stuff, eating in a pub or so, having picnics, taking a trainride to the Ring of Kerry, shopping and seeing a movie with my daughter, and making paintings with my granddaughters.


  1. Eat here....


  2. Thank you, Sheonagh!

  3. Soon so soon!
    call me...

  4. You actually gave me a bit of a panic attack. It's The Long Goodbye. But no matter.
    I hope you still come and that your list is shorter by then.
    And I will miss you. But I know you will be having fun. Lots and lots and lots of fun.
    Still, it's a tragedy that you're going to the one good place to drink Guiness and you don't drink Guiness. But maybe you can have a hard cider?

  5. Meltdown or not, it sounds so lovely.

    Great photo of your beloved, dear man that he is.

  6. All you need is a wardrobe concept. You're set.
    Have fun, my dear.

  7. and so nice that you stopped to share your to do list with us! safe travels!



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