Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Other Irish activities to consider.

This morning I received the following from the hotel where we're staying:
Good Morning,

We at stayDublin are looking forward to welcoming you and your guests on Saturday 20th September. If you would like assistance in organising any of the following please do not hesitate to contact me:

1. Airport Transfers
2. Car Hire
3. Dinner Reservations
4. Food or Beverage Orders
5. A gift for any of your party
6. Hair or Beauty appointments
7. Paintballing, Go Karting or other activities

I look forward to hearing from you ,

Kind Regards
This thoughtful note was signed by the "Ancillary Revenue Executive," a job I am also going to consider acquiring as my alternate and ancillary career, for after I get back from Ireland.

(also, when I get home from Ireland, I am going to stop shopping, become a minimalist, start all my projects, get into shape, and make sure Obama wins by a landslide. Watch out!)


  1. I expect you to regale us all with your paintballing forays.

  2. so jealous! are you sure you don't need an ancillary traveling companion....?

  3. by the way, try to GO WEST.

  4. for all of this, and much much more, I eagerly await your return. You can stop shopping after our shopping excursion.

  5. Are you there, are you there yet? And when you get there, will you please give this hug to Amelia--okay?



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