Thursday, August 06, 2015

We see Jupiter Artland and it is everything I hoped for.

The Davies children are art troupers. They like seeing art and making art and they are fine tramping around among, let's face it, art that is not necessarily just on walls. This is splendid, since we also love seeing art and making art and are fine tramping around all sorts of art.

Awhile ago--I can't remember where, why, or when, maybe in The Guardian?--I read about Jupiter Artland. It is a vast property, an estate, where much of the land is dedicated to a fairly permanent collection of sited, outdoor pieces, most of them created specifically for the location. I remember thinking: I want to go there. And periodically, we would figure out whether our Scotland plans might include a trip to this slightly out of the way place. It's near Edinburgh, but it's not on the way to anything--it's out of the way from everything. But this time, we made it a destination rather than a 'we'll see it if we can,' and it was quite wonderful.

One of the major pieces is a landforms piece called 'Life Mounds,' drawing on ancient landforms for hill forts and burial mounds. There are beautiful sculptural hills and pools of water. All sorts of people were in, around, and on the hills. There was not one vantage point that did not reveal something about the piece. You could spend hours.

We were there for several hours, including a tidy and delicious lunch at the cafe. (Oh how we love a museum cafe! And this one did not let us down, not remotely!) We were, in the end, tired, but full of things to talk about. Here are some of the pieces we lingered at and experienced.









  1. This is so great. And the pictures are wonderful. And you always look so very fine, but those shots of you today? Incredible.

  2. Love these pictures and everything about this post. Your daughter is a freaking clone of you.



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