Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Road trip hangover.

Yesterday, it must be said, we all felt the fact of having traveled hundreds of miles over four days in tight quarters. This all went as splendidly as it could have gone, but when we burst forth from the car at ten o'clock Sunday night, and fell into our various beds, we didn't quite predict all the things we would not be ready for come Monday, such as:

  • discussing school uniform purchases,
  • going to the park,
  • eating things for lunch,
  • buying food at the market,
  • etc.

To be clear: some of us were ready for some of these things, but none of us were ready for all of them, with the result that there were tears and some stomping and many naps. I'm talking about the adults here. Well, just for the naps.

I think it's entirely acceptable to understand that after travel, everyone deserves to have a tiny, daylong tantrum/pout. We always think we're going to jump into everything full force, but in reality, we would like to stay curled in a restful position with a cup of tea and no one talking to us. I'm talking about myself here, obviously.

The upshot of this was that we stayed close to home and made dinner out of what was available in the refrigerator and cupboards. This is, it goes almost without saying, very rewarding. In our case, it was frittata and salad, and the kids had pancakes. Nice work, all of us.

After dinner, we took a walk, one of the many lovely walks to be had within minutes of my daughter's house. I won't say there weren't a few tears and a little shouting and possibly some stomping. But mostly, it was just beautiful:

This is where the Rivers Don and Ury meet.


loads of trees, through which you can see the water.
just before a little more shouting and tears.


And then my daughter, the historian and I went to Tesco and perused pretty much every shelf, so we could buy the food we needed to make pho, and taco salad, and Black Forest gateau, since we have all had a hunger for it since it was the showstopper on the Great British Bakeoff last week. And then, we watched one two three episodes of Still Game, a show with nearly untranslatable Glaswegian accents, which is a riot. And went to bed without blogging. So.

But today is going to be a much happier day, I can tell already.


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  1. All of this post is so very familiar--doing the things of daily life, the occasional tears and stomping, the shopping and the watching of shows, the making of dinner, especially with pancakes. So very happy you are there enjoying this adventure.



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