Saturday, August 29, 2015

At the farmer's market we discuss tattoos.

Just now, reading this post by my friend Ann reminded me that the historian and I had a little discussion at the farmer's market this morning:

(Passing the henna stall:)

Me: If we wanted, we could get henna.

The historian: How long does it last, do you know?

Me: I don't, really.

The historian: Maybe two weeks? I thought the henna April did for Supriya was...

Me: beautiful!

The historian: --yes. Amazing.

We walk on.

The historian: I've been thinking I could get a tattoo.

Me: (What!? Mind entirely blown.) ...I saw a post somewhere of super tiny tattoos that I thought were kind of cool. Like a little crescent moon right here (pointing behind my ear). Or, like, five tiny stars scattered across (sweeping gesture across clavicle).

Historian: (flexes bicep)(for real) I was thinking right here.

Me: Oh!

Historian: --like, maybe, a hammer and sickle. (considers:) Or Karl Marx!

Me: (whoa.) (pause:) Well, solidarity.  

--and off we went, to buy peaches, peppers, and corn.


  1. I would soooo love it if the Historian did ink himself with the hammer and sickle. Tell him I vote for that.

  2. Happy birthday, btw.

  3. This conversation makes me miss you even more, HT! And the henna tattoos could be a good trial run for the real thing. I'm just sayin'.



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