Wednesday, August 05, 2015

The weather.

Today, in Scotland, the weather was overcast, a bit rainy here and there, breezy. In other words, summer. Or at least this summer, according to my daughter.

'It seems like we should be outside when the weather's nice,' she said, as we watched children ride around in GoKarts outdoors, and play on a fantastic billowy Jelly Belly made for bouncing, and glide down a long hill on lawn sledges.
I was shivering a little, my scarf wrapped around my be-cardiganed shoulders. 'Chilly?' I ventured.
She laughed. 'Nice for here,' she amended. Around us, grown adults were wearing strappy tank tops and flip flops and shirtsleeves.
I just asked the historian what temperature it was when we were there, enjoying the children, giving several boosts to GoKarters as they repeatedly reached a hill that stalled all but the strongest children.
'Oh, the fifties. Low fifties,' he said. Which seems about right to me. In and around the low fifties today, my daughter and I got up and took a long walk over the River Don and out into the countryside, where we saw a couple of herons, a deer, some other waterbirds. We walked again, all of us, into town, perhaps a mile and a half, to the library and to have lunch. (The weather in Scotland is also walk-filled.) We had ice cream at a country store, with berries grown onsite, then went to the play place for an hour.
The weather in Scotland is cool. It's close to the sky. It's surrounded by hills, and by all the gardens are in a full riot. The weather is go outside and stay there weather. It's wear what you think summer means kind of weather. It's the fields are green and ripe weather, let's walk weather. It's weather for people who know how to get a little damp, wear walking shoes, conjure up a fine afternoon that may just be cloudy, may just be a little bit rainy, and bounce into the sky to meet it.


  1. Oh my but I love this post. The pics of the kids, the shot of Amelia, and especially The Historian in a gokart! And also the conversation because as Jessie said, I was always cold when I visited her. And of course, I lovelovelove that you are getting to spend so much time with your families. xo



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