Sunday, August 09, 2015

More garden, and more water.

Alnwick Garden we've visited once before, and loved it, so we decided to pay it another visit on our way back to Inverurie. It's a grand garden, a pet project of the Duchess of Northumberland, and it has pleasures and diversions a plenty. Water is a great theme. The Grand Cascade dominates the entrance, but water features surprise you at nearly every turn.

This garden is extravagant, of course, but many, many people enjoy it. I want to generalize here about the English, and people of great wealth, but what do I know? This is an overwhelmingly beautiful place, and I now want, and feel I must have, an Eglantyne rose.
















In the Serpent Garden--well, let me tell you what the Alnwick Gardens website says:

A topiary serpent in holly snakes through the watery Serpent Garden, revealing a different water sculpture hidden in each of its coils.

The serpent leads you to Torricelli, an interactive water sculpture which fills slowly until its ground jets spring to life. Torricelli works with the scientific principle of hydrostatic pressure, and each of the water sculptures are designed to show a different aspect of water and how it can be made to look and move.

So here's what Torricelli looked like today:

Miriam, very bold:

and Evie, also very bold:

--and Eli, daring to get at least a little near to the spray:


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