Sunday, August 30, 2015

Oh, hey, it's my birthday,

--so last night we ate dinner with Anna and Matt, and this morning we ate pancakes and I opened presents and washed the sheets and went to (birthday) church with my son and graded a little and ate delicious tacos with my kids and chatted to all the children hither and yon--Amelia and Miriam and Evie and Eli and Isaac and Lesley and Will and Van and Mitch and Supriya--and my parents and my niece and so forth, and ate some cake my daughter Sophia baked--it was pink with strawberries, fyi--and just took a walk with Bruiser in the cool night air, nbd. And also I have social engagements forthcoming with Ann and my parents and my auntie!

Am I older? I guess I am. Doesn't much feel like it matters, though. I feel good. I feel lucky for that, and grateful besides.

thanks for the picture, Sophia!


  1. Happy (belated) birthday to you, HT! It sounds like you had a perfectly splendid celebration and that cake is lovely. Many happy returns on your day!!

  2. Nobody does a birthday celebration better than you do, Doll.



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