Sunday, February 08, 2015

My life in several lists.

I am trying to stay on top of things, as evidenced by my many, many lists. My lists are redundant, but at least I am using the strike through feature thoroughly.

The above list has the "write to Helen
feature, along with the "fix CV"
item. Also, I definitely need to "read
poems," as we will see.

This list seeks to lay out provisions.
People need to eat. Pad Thai,
for example. Several new items,
on the list, such as "review!!!!"
Also: have I forgotten about"Helen"
and "CV"? 

Some of the valentines I bought
for grandkids may be too scary,
so I will be buying backup valentines
tomorrow, and also packing peanuts
so I can send an item or two to my
daughter. New item: "grade x & y." (I'm
too tired to give them names.) (Also: "read
poems." And what about drafting
that "review"???)

These are the poems I'm going to read
tomorrow, at the Faculty Reading series
to commemorate International
Writing Center Week.

For the love of everything holy,

1 comment:

  1. I, too, seem to live a life conducted by lists these days . . . hastily scribbled on post-its, envelopes and random scraps of paper. I'm a little afraid to see what the "master list" would look like should I put them all together. *sigh*

    One thing that I wish I could add to my list, however, would be "attend HT's reading today." Sending happy energy from afar!



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