Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Dear Monday masquerading as Tuesday,

I know, I know--you also signal that the week will be short. That's your CV, your street cred, your bonafides. 

Still: why, Monday masquerading as Tuesday, why so crushed-up and cataclysmic, so last-minute-to-prepare? So it's-all-happening? Monday masquerading as Tuesday, why so hardcore?

Let me just say, I had a long list of stuff I was going to accomplish after getting home just shy of six, and finding that I had nothing to make for dinner, and rushing off to see a grandson's basketball game. Which was so fun! And then eating a dinner we grabbed on the way home. And then Justified. All so fun! And then, whoops, it was ten o'clock and the list was unattended to. The list: derelict and unkempt. It is, in a word, a list untouched. And now, it's time to walk the dog.

Monday masquerading as Tuesday: now is the time for a big s i g h.

Yeah, I know. This is just a performative whine. So I'll leave it, but Monday (masquerading as a Tuesday), I kind of hate how you can make a perfectly beautiful dream of a getaway just pfff! evaporate like, you know, a perfectly beautiful dream.

Monday masquerading as a Tuesday: no one likes a dream-evaporator. No one.



1 comment:

  1. Even worse is a Thursday that fakes like a Monday which is what we've got tomorrow.



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