Tuesday, February 24, 2015

In the middle of the middle.

Week seven of the semester is actually almost half way. Almost. Halfway is such a nice word. Halfway is when you reach minute twenty of a forty minute stint on the treadmill (divisible by five, four, two, ten) (and one). Halfway is when you've done six of your twelve-in-a-row consultations with students. Halfway is, regrettably, when you've eaten your ice cream cone to the point where the ice cream is level with the cone (this is a judgement call, but this is, after all, my blog).

However: halfway also means

  • grading all  the revisions, even the ones that haven't yet been drafted
  • reading and ranking all the job applications
  • planning 80% of the five year program review
  • going to an as yet undefined number of curriculum committee meetings
  • writing two conference presentations
  • finishing several tenure reviews
and so on.

Between now and the end, I will do all of the above--all of it, there's no way round but through--and I will also
  • go to Tampa
  • go to Minneapolis (and the Walker Art Center, yo!)
  • keep teaching my wonderful, unpredictable students, and in the process
  • read more poetry, theirs and others'
  • watch more light materialize every single day
  • see tulips and daffodils bloom in my yard
  • watch the rose bushes come into leaf
  • catch the lilacs blooming
and maybe I will
  • read a few books, God willing,
  • write a few poems,
  • etc.
I was feeling overwhelmed when I started all this bulleting and right now I feel quite a bit better. That's because I'm just about to 
  • go to bed. Which I hope I'll do 
  • a lot of in the next seven or eight weeks.

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  1. I try and write lists but I have one list that has items that have rolled over for about five weeks now, maybe I should tackle them first!



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