Monday, January 05, 2009

Thrill seeker.

These days, when I take Bruiser out for a walk, I am taking my life in my hands.  Bruiser is, it must be said, an excitable dog.  The snow really revs him up:  his usual stopping and starting is amped up--he stops to shove his nose into soft snow, possibly to find frozen treats, and then wheels around to take off in a flash. Add to this general dog enthusiasm for the snowy weather the fact that the sidewalks in my neighborhood are, on the spectrum that ranges from "shoveled" to "unshoveled," all over the map.  

I have come to be a very astute observer of the varying iciness of the walks.  There are walks so meticulously shoveled that they are almost dry; walks that have been worked over by a snow blower but which have underlayers of ice; snow-packed walks; walks that were never shoveled but have nonetheless been tramped on and sculpted by feet, so that they're like the freaking Matterhorn, but flatter.  

I'm not walking, exactly; I'm scrambling, or free-styling, or almost hiking.  All this with a rambunctious dog on a leash.  "Hey!" I say.  Often.  Or, "Hold on!" Or, "Don't pull me!" Or combinations thereof:  "Hey!  Hey!  Hold on, Bruiser.  Don't pull me.  Hey! You can't pull me."  My goal is to get through the winter without ending up on my butt on some sidewalk a mile from home, with Bruiser about fifteen feet ahead of me, still on the leash, foraging for God knows what horrible thing that has been preserved specifically for him in the snow.  


  1. I'm sorry that this made me laugh, but it did. You are a funny writer! and a great human being

  2. don't you think Bruiser would, if you fell, rush back to your aid? And if not for that, to show you his irkedness and push you back up?

  3. Yes, there's a whole map to be drawn, of the places where you can find nice sidewalks and the non-shovelers. It could be the dog walkers guide to treachery and calm.
    And I know Bruiser would come back for you. Maybe after rooting in the snow for snacks.

  4. This is what is wrong with my brain. When I lived in GR, I kept thinking, man, everyone in SL scraped their sidewalks clean dry. But it's not true--retrospect rose-colored my glasses. It's a crapshoot everywhere--this walking in the winter.

  5. I walk in the middle of the road with my dog. Cars be damned.

    Great post.

  6. Bruiser and the Matterhorn. So great!

    My old 100-lb Dollie can only go about three houses from home and back. Any farther and I have to carry her home. Not a great idea on hot days in summer or on snowy days...although we are kind of equals in our ability to walk very far.



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