Wednesday, January 07, 2009

The Organize Yourselves, Prepare Every Needful Thing Report.

First, I took everything out of my room.  Well, almost everything.  Enough so I could move my desk to face the wall, and my chair in front of the window.  As a strategy, this was to increase the likelihood that I would go through stuff and get rid of some of it.  Which worked pretty well, as it turned out, until I started to feel sick.  Is it a virus? Is it an allergic reaction to all the dust I stirred up?  Who can really say?

Here are some things I still need to do:  
  • reorganize all my books.  
  • probably buy new bookshelves for downstairs.
  • take stuff down from the closet in my study and get rid of it.
  • perhaps follow running son's advice, in response to my own dithering that maybe I would have to make an arbitrary decision, like getting rid of everything that's brown: "hope you can get organized and possibly get rid of some things, perhaps your magazines need to go?  You already have way too many.  Get rid of pink before brown, brown is a better color, nonetheless good luck on figuring that stuff out."
  • actually sort through my clothes instead of just putting them away.  Although putting things away is a good start.   
  • accept the fact that all the artifacts of all my projects and activities cannot fit into one room, and therefore, I will have to move things from here to there and from there to here. (It is shocking to me how much I need to just put things away.  What am I, in kindergarten?)
This leaves out the other rooms I need to organize.  One thing at a time.

As I noted before, even doing what I've done so far has made my study so much more hospitable to me and my work that it makes me feel good every time I look in there.  The only downside is that I feel a tiny bit less motivated to scour the earth and chasten the closets.  Still, it's progress.  I just need to not feel like lying down morning, afternoon, and night, and then some writing might actually happen in this awesome, scholarly, tidy space.


  1. Awesome. I have study envy. But I think I will clean my own desk area this weekend.

  2. It is awesome. It is scholarly. It is tidy. It is swell. I think you need to sip chicken soup or a hot toddy in this space whilst contemplating your next poem--perhaps a prone poem in praise of The Nap.

  3. Looks good! Moving furniture around is one of my favorite things.. just feels so good.

  4. Thanks to you, my house is clean. It's not as beautifully and perfectly clean as yours but clean nonetheless.



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