Wednesday, January 21, 2009

It is time to lie down,

I am sorry to report, since it's only 9:12 p.m. and I am NOT THAT OLD, am I? But before I do, curling up with my French Theory book and my French detective novel (hello, Gallic!), I must report that I found a petite package on my porch this afternoon, and I asked myself, now what in the world can this petite package be? and then I ripped open the box with my car keys like a sensible person, and lo! it was the complete box set of Faerie Tale Theatre, Shelley Duvall's live-action project of fairy tale reenactments (sort of like Civil War reenactments, but with talking animals and occasional fairies) from back in the 80s.  

It was originally shown on Showtime, but we used to rent episodes on VHS from Video Voyager out in Kearns, for you west siders, and watch 'em with the kids.  We particularly liked The Dancing Princesses (Lesley Ann Warren) and The Three Little Pigs (Jeff Goldblum as the Wolf, Billy Crystal, Fred Willard, and Stephen Furst as the pigs), and especially, especially Pinocchio, starring none other than Paul Reubens, aka Pee Wee Herman, as the wooden puppet.  

I found out about this on some "The Most Awesome DVDs of 2008 You Never Even Heard Of" list, and ordered them toute de suite.  And now I have them.  So:  if you never saw them but want to see them; if you are a child of mine and cannot believe the good fortune of having a mom who found these precious, precious recordings and then purchased them; or if you grew up watching them, too:  you know where to come.  Over to my house, where the good times roll.


  1. oh I loved those. I must buy them too.

  2. Oh oh and oh and oh oh oh!!! I adored those. I especially loved the Frog Prince with Robin Freaking Crazy Williams and Terri Sly Garr. This is good news. And so is the thought of you curling up with French mysteries.



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